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Entwined in the creative inspiration of two cultures, this indian-american space surrealist gives her clients the best of both worlds. One culture drowns her in spirituality and the other composes her with practicality; one gives her tradition and the other drives her with the passion to hone her skills. With bursts of vibrant pallets and indulgence in the artistic means, needless to say the works of Anisa Kapoor are always a creative union.

While her style lies at the confluence of simplistic detailing with vibrant designs, she believes that an important goal is to create the dreamscape keeping in mind her client’s wishes.

Having tended to the elite often from the expat community she prefers to blend the ethnic – their roots- to something more global- their personalities. Therefore, her approach to the wedding style has always been inclined towards it. 

Running a storyline to her design serves as a uniting theme throughout the celebratory events. She pays special attention to the minutest of the detailing - for example- luxuriant and well-set center tables accentuated with customized linens. 

As luxury Indian weddings are all about pushing boundaries, Anisa Kapoor delivers a unique experience which encompasses service, aesthetics and tradition in equal parts speckled with the swivel of a personalized touch for the perfect wedding gala. 

A very personalized service style provision is the henna bespoke weddings which has a different thought process for each wedding. This bespoke service distinguishes Anisa Kapoor from the rest. Seeking to provide a design which keeps the client’s needs central and give holistic support to alleviate the stress and pressure during the weddings. Along with dominant current trends highlighting the natural characteristics of the venue is a binder of her priority list. Belonging to an industry where passion matters more than labor, her quest has been to accept the challenge of designing and executing unforgettable experiences and forging relationships for a lifetime.


With over 25 years of experience in Event Management, Hospitality, Floral Design and Décor, Anisa created and developed Henna Bespoke Weddings into a full-service event production company. She has planned full scale, luxurious South Asian weddings across the globe in 14 countries including India, Greece, Italy and the UAE. Her international expertise and notable network of vendors and collaborators in every location ensure flawless, extraordinary events. With her hands on approach and exceptional attention to detail, Anisa prides herself on her passion for seamlessly bringing every client's unique vision to life.
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 Billy has a background in Interior Design & Fashion. She handles Sales & Marketing for the United States. She brings a keen eye and unrelenting commitment to every project she engages in. Billy is well networked and resourceful

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